Results, records and photos from the Castle Rock Trail Festival in Castle Rock, CO.

This event is no longer owned and operated by Colorado Runner Events. Please visit the Town of Castle Rock’s website for more information.

Event Record Holders

MaleChris Mocko, 3:57:15 (2017)Justin Henry, 3:33:18 (2019)
FemaleCat Bradley, 4:44:22 (2019)Sara Schuler, 4:03:26 (2018)
Half Marathon10K5K
Gavin Combs, 1:23:25 (2017)Chandler Reid, 36:47 (2019)Joshua Gomez, 21:10 (2017)
Abby Levene, 1:38:09 (2017)Ivy Kibet, 41:33 (2019)Anna Gasiewicz, 26:42 (2018)

Results and Photos