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Starting at Hudson Gardens in front of the gift shop, Frosty’s Frozen Five & Ten will run south on Vinewood towards Denver Seminary before turning on the southern most dirt access road for Hudson Gardens. Runners will loop around Hudson Gardens and enter the Mary Carter Greenway bike path at 0.75 miles. Runners will turn north on the bike path and run on the east side of the river to the Big Dry Creek Trail. Runners will cross the bridge to the west side of the river. 5M runners will turn south and run back to Hudson Gardens on the west side of the river. 10M runners will turn north and run 2.5 miles to a turn around point. Once back in Hudson Gardens, runners will circle through the “Rock Canyon” and exit through the concert entrance. The finish line and the start line are in the same spot.

Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, and animals, are not allowed in the race.

10M aid stations will be located at 2.5 miles, 3.5 miles, 5.25 miles, 6.75 miles, 7.5 miles and 9.25 miles. 5M aid stations will be located at 2.5 miles and 4.25 miles. They will have water and Gatorade.

Dogs at not permitted on the grounds at Hudson Gardens and due to the out and back nature of the course, we are not allowing dogs on the course. Please leave your pooch at home. Failure to adhere to this policy will cause disqualification and may force Hudson Gardens to pull our permit for the event.

5M USATF Course Certification #: CO11049DCR
10M USATF Course Certification #: CO11050DCR
Courses certified by Race Measure

Time Limit
The finish line will close at 12:00 PM